Austin Home Finders

Congratulations! Let me be the first to welcome you to the magnificent city of Austin, Texas. There is no other place on earth that compares – from the natural beauty of the Hill Country & Highland Lakes; to the endless choices available for those who enjoy Live Music, the Arts, and Fine Dining; to the friendliest and most relaxed people anywhere and affordable Austin homes. Austin is truly a uniquely, wonderful place to live.

If it has been awhile since you have visited Austin, you may not even recognize the Downtown Area, the high rise offices, down town condos, bungalow like Austin houses within walking distance to Lady Bird Lake. The skyline is never the same for long, but it is always impressive. However, rest assured that the Live Music scene has not changed a bit – except to become even better. There are still amazingly original and sumptuous Casual or Fine Dining establishments all over the area, except now there are also microbreweries mingled in and amongst the eateries with just as many different tastes and styles as the restaurants. Shopping in Austin has always been on the forefront of style and current trends – and it still is. With the opening of the Round Rock Outlet Malls and the Domain, you now, officially, can have (or buy) it all. And that is very convenient considering one night you might need to dress up for an opera at the Long Center or an Off-Broadway Performance at the Paramount Theater. Or, you could just as easily decide the next night to dress “cas” and go throw darts at the Saxon Pub or catch an “Under the Stars” movie with a blanket and picnic in Zilker Park and view beautiful Austin homes in the distanced hill country.

When you finally decide to throttle back a bit and ease into the laid-back lifestyle that Austenite embrace, then it’s time to relax on one of the many sparkling lakes or pools, hike or drive through the unending beauty of the rolling hills and the abundant wildlife of the Hill Country, or tee-off on one of renowned area golf courses.

However, even though all of the above is important when deciding where to buy your “home”; what you really should be considering is how sound of an investment is buying a “house” in Austin. After all, for most homeowners; their home is the major percentage of their financial portfolio. Therefore, you need to also consider the financial soundness and stability of wherever you consider purchasing a home. Whether, it is an Austin TX homes or elsewhere.

When you consider buying Austin real estate; from that perspective, Austin still offers more than most real estate markets could ever even hope for. Austin is an environmentally friendly city and a national leader in becoming a “Green City”. There are many homebuilders that are, and have been using, “Green Technology” for some time now – and that number is only increasing, not decreasing. Using “Green Technology” is designing and building not only help the environment, but to also conserves water and utilities which keeps more money in the homeowners’ pockets. And how could anybody not think that is a great thing?

And when homeowners’ have more money to spend on other things, that can only help increase (or at least keep stable )the city’s economy. In fact, the steadfastness of Austin’s economic growth, has kept the Austin Real Estate Market healthy. Austin Home Prices, according to PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., are expected to remain steady. Therefore, at a time when virtually everyone invested in real estate lost enough to feel a pinch (if not enough to get knocked down by a punch), Austin has emerged relatively unscathed.

So, you tell me. Nature and Technology merged together along with endless possibilities for excitement and adventure as well as a city where your children and their children will not only be able to breathe the air without fear but also be able to retire knowing that they are financially sound…

Austin. Is there any place else?